Workshop: Developing Arctic Observing Systems - the role of Norwegian institutions


Norwegian Research Council
Drammensveien 288 Moser Auditorium
0283 Oslo
Thursday, 9. November 2017 - 9:00 to 16:00

It is not necessary to register here if you have already registered at the Svalbard Science Conference ( and replied that you will attend the INTAROS workshop. The workshop is organized as a back-to-back meeting with the Svalbard Science Conference 6–8 November 2017


Norway has many institutions involved in various aspects of developing Arctic observation systems in many scientific disciplines. SIOS is a major effort to develop such system with focus on the Svalbard region. The EU INTAROS project aims to develop Pan-Arctic observing systems based on ongoing efforts by European, North American and Asian countries. INTAROS is therefore working in close collaboration with other international and national initiatives to develop and implement long-term observing systems in the Arctic, including Arctic Data Committee and Committee on Observations and Networks under SAON.

In this workshop Norwegian institutions are invited to discuss status and evolution of Arctic observing systems for the thematic areas described above. The workshop will focus on the upstream part of the data production chain, addressing platforms, sensors, data collection and data products (data production). The downstream activities related to data dissemination, exploitation and distribution through networks (data dissemination) will be the focus of follow-up workshops in 2018.

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Contact Person
Stein Sandven
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